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We believe in privacy by design rather than reactionary compulsion.
Compliance is not just a “once-and-done” event;
It’s an ongoing journey!

Dynamically Manage
Your Privacy Program

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Privacy Law Information

Program Management

In the digital age, staying compliant with consumer privacy laws is not just a requirement, but a commitment to ethical practices that keeps your reputation untarnished and builds trust with customers. The lack of uniformity between data privacy laws creates unique and complex issues for each organization. Tyndl is uniquely positioned to be your steadfast companion in this journey, providing comprehensive solutions that encompass everything you need to establish and maintain compliance.

Today’s privacy professionals and in-house counsel trust and rely on
Tyndl to make consumer privacy law compliance quick and easy

You may need to comply if your business deals directly with consumers or provides a service to other organizations who do! Whether it’s the GDPR, CCPA / CPRA, VCPA, DPA, UCPA, CPA, or some other data privacy regulation, Tyndl can get you up to speed and help you become compliant quickly!

There are many considerations when working towards compliance. Some of these include the following:



Mitigating your risks is vital. Using multi-law documentation and disclosures may put you at risk. Tyndl allows you to create, update, and manage your privacy program’s individual parts, and more importantly, it’s very core. By combining the thoroughness of a law-firm with the speed, agility, and simplicity of an online application, Tyndl helps you control your risks!

Fines and penalties for insufficient or non-compliance can range from the $100Ks to as much as the $100MMs. An investigation alone can cost $10Ks in legal fees and employee time.

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Tyndl guides you down an easy-to-follow path towards compliance. You answer a series of questions covering the collection and use of PII while determining the legal basis/business purposes of processing. Question sets can be assigned to relevant departments. A data map is created (arguably the most important step in privacy compliance because it is the foundation for many other compliance steps). You don’t need to become a privacy law expert. You save time and money compared to other options.

Where do you begin? What is a privacy data map and how do I create one? How many hours will achieving compliance take and what has to be put on the back burner to get it done? How much will it cost? Who in the company has the time and capacity to study and become an expert on the many privacy laws?

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Tyndl tracks changes to existing laws and new laws being passed so an organization doesn’t have to. Tyndl tracks new and existing laws for you and keeps you abreast. Your documents are stored electronically so they can be updated automatically as laws change. New laws can be added with little to no new input. Printing your documents only when you need a hard copy ensures your documents will always be up-to-date.

Creating a privacy program for one privacy law is challenging, but becomes exponentially more difficult when coupled with the proliferation of laws. Perhaps the biggest issue is the dynamic nature of privacy law.

Compliance is not merely checking a few boxes once. Because of the dynamic nature and proliferation of privacy laws, compliance is like hitting a moving target. Even simple changes to organizational processes and business relationships cause an organization to stray out of compliance. Unless you continue to track, update, and adapt your privacy program, it may no longer be compliant at a level that meets your risk tolerance.

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You are able to create customized global policies with variable, geo-specific differences, and standardize the handling of the diverse requirements using data privacy best practices while minimizing human error, time, and confusion.

With the number of live privacy laws and more on the way, creating a comprehensive privacy program can be a struggle. The diversity of definitions and requirements cause perplexing internal policies and procedures, confusing processes, and human error in meeting the various demands.

Using Tyndl allows you to have a robust comprehensive privacy program complying with the many laws.

What Others Say About Tyndl

“At Spiff, I needed an almost-turnkey solution. I had international customers ready to buy, but we needed to be compliant.

“Tyndl easily saved tens of thousands of dollars and took 1/10th the time.”

Sean Jackson

Spiff, Director of Information Security




While no privacy solution “does it all”, some options are better. Data deletion does check a box for compliance but does not deal with the true core of a comprehensive privacy program. A lot of solutions are expensive and sell “compliance” while providing only a small fraction of what is required. Still other
solutions can be time intensive and expensive.

Privacy is about shedding light on data collection and use of consumer’s personal information, allowing consumer consent management, while providing personal data protection.

There are a handful of ways to become compliant:

Organizations need to have a person dedicated to studying the intricacies of the many privacy laws, tracking new laws and changes to existing laws. In order for privacy programs to stay current, they must be continuously modified. In the end, this is very time consuming and may not mitigate risks well. Policies and procedures need to be addressed and may be unclear, while documentation may be weak, offering little protection during an investigation.

Hiring an attorney from each state or country needed, or hiring a large law firm is costly and time consuming. Results become outdated with any change in a law or business process. This is usually limited to documents only, and laws are handled one by one making it resource intensive and financially expensive while still needing to deal with data mapping, policies, procedures, and more.

While less expensive than hiring outside counsel, in-house counsel may not have the expertise or time to ensure thorough and continued compliance. As privacy laws proliferate, workloads will increase and more attorneys will be needed, escalating costs. Tools and methods to handle internal organizational policy and procedures still need to be addressed and handled.

Templates often lack the flexibility and specificity needed to create true protection due to the broad-brush way they must be written. The person completing the templates would need to be well versed in each law to ensure accurate and correct input. Due to potential weaknesses, this may be the most expensive method should there be an investigation. Data mapping and handling internal organizational policies and procedures still need to be addressed.

While some common areas of privacy management are addressed other important areas are not, leaving an organization financially at risk. Documents and disclosures may be handled by using templates which have their limitations and vulnerabilities. Data mapping and handling internal organizational policies and procedures would still need to be addressed.

Organizations need a clearly defined and proven path to navigate and handle the many privacy laws to become compliant.

Tyndl provides a clear path with actionable tasks allowing you to connect all the areas of your business to ensure seamless collaboration and comprehensive work.

You are able to create and maintain a strong privacy program for about 1/10 th the cost of other solutions, covering areas of compliance where other
methods fall short.

Using Tyndl is Easy

How It Works

Tyndl’s privacy compliance solution works much like tax filing software but for privacy law. You are walked through a series of questions. Various question sets can be collaboratively assigned to various departments within the organization for faster, more accurate and comprehensive answers. The legal basis and/or business purposes of processing are gathered at this time.

The answers are used to create the privacy data map, consumer request responses, third party agreements, policies, procedures, cookie policy, privacy notice, and a myriad of other documents. The answers can also be used for new laws passed so you don’t have to repeat efforts allowing for geo-specific requirements to be met.

The information Tyndl gathers sets the stage for annual reviews, data impact assessments, risk assessments, business interest analysis, and more. As part of your Tyndl subscription, you’ll have access to a privacy attorney and experts to consult with and review your privacy program.

Your documents are stored electronically and updated automatedly. Print them when the need arises. If changes occur with your business, answers in Tyndl’s system are easily changed, updating documents and making for a dynamic privacy program.

In the end, you end up with a robust, dynamic, comprehensive consumer privacy program that handles the many laws easily while saving you time, money, and effort.

Tyndl allows you to work more effectively individually and collectively, bringing clarity and focus to compliance now and year on year. Creating an overarching privacy program allows you to use industry best practice strategies, all while saving employee time and the organization’s money!

About Us

Tyndl’s Beginnings

Founded in 2020 and located in the silicon slopes area of Utah, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, legal consultants, and marketers have worked tirelessly to bring Tyndl to the forefront of privacy. 

The concept started as a desire to create affordable access to legal services for companies of all sizes. The result was a breakthrough in technology and professional services which empower in-house counsel and privacy teams to effectively create and manage their corporate privacy program with simplicity and ease.

Today Tyndl is becoming recognized as one of the leaders in the privacy legal tech space. Tyndl helps companies of all sizes create and manage comprehensive privacy programs.

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Joe Rivest

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Bob Awerkamp


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