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Because compliance is not a “once-and-done” event;
It’s an ongoing journey!

Dynamically Manage
Your Privacy Program

It is projected that 65% of the world’s population
will be covered under modern privacy regulations by 2023
– Gartner

Tyndl helps organizations create and manage a dynamic and comprehensive privacy program to keep pace with the rapidly changing privacy landscape. Through proprietary privacy solutions and methodical consulting, Tyndl covers areas where others fall short.



Tyndl allows organizations to create and manage their privacy program, including the required periodic reviews, data mapping, data protection and risk assessments, consumer request logs, audit logs, and more.

Fines and penalties currently range from hundreds of thousands, to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Just an investigation can cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and employee time.

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There are a few ways to address privacy and while no current solution “does it all”, some options provide a better fit for many organizations. Some options are vastly more expensive, while some sell “compliance” but only provide a small piece of what is required. So it’s important to understand each option.

Where to begin? What is a privacy data map and how do we create one? How many hours will it take? How much will it cost? What has to be put on the back burner to get this done?

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Consumer privacy laws are ever-changing, and unless an organization continues to track and adapt its privacy program it may no longer be compliant at a level that meets its risk tolerance. Changes to organizational processes and business relationships also cause an organization to stray out of compliance. Ongoing privacy program management is critical.

Compliance is not ‘once-and-done’; it is an ongoing journey!

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Tyndl allows organizations to create global policies with variable geo-specific differences, and to standardize the handling of the various requirements to minimize human error. Handling multiple laws becomes faster, easier, and more affordable.

Handling the specifics of an organization’s privacy program for one privacy law is challenging, but becomes exponentially more difficult when coupled with a host of other privacy laws.

Data Mapping

Third-Party Management

Disclosures & Documentation

Consumer Requests

Privacy Law Information

Program Management

What Tyndl does



Whether your business deals directly with consumers or provides a service to other organizations, privacy laws continue to be passed and evolve making compliance an ongoing struggle – Tyndl can help!

Many businesses do not fully understand the scope of what being truly compliant entails.

Tyndl is a new approach to handling the proliferation of privacy laws. It allows you to manage the individual parts and, more importantly, the very core of your privacy program in a more comprehensive and cohesive way.

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What Others Say About Tyndl

“At Spiff, I needed an almost-turnkey solution. I had international customers ready to buy, but we needed to be compliant.

“Tyndl easily saved tens of thousands of dollars and took 1/10th the time.”

Sean Jackson

Spiff, Director of Information Security

The First Step

Mapping Your Privacy Data

Data mapping is the first and arguably the most important step in privacy compliance. Aside from being required, it provides the foundation for many of the other compliance steps.

Through a series of automated questions, Tyndl maps the personal data in your business.

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Creating and maintaining an accurate data map is made easier with tyndl!

Manage Business Relationships

Third-Party Agreements

Privacy laws require that you obtain and maintain an up-to-date Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with each third-party. These are businesses with whom you receive or share personal information.

Tyndl creates the appropriate DPA for each third-party

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Tyndl manages your ongoing third-Party relationships so you know exactly what, if anything, needs to be done.

Single-Point Formation / Management

Disclosure and Document Creation and Management

Requirements within each privacy law are extensive and require that documentation be written, kept current, and specific to each law. Some documents are simple while others are lengthy and complex.

In all probability, the first thing you will be asked for by regulators, business partners, investigating attorneys, or customers is your privacy program documentation. You had better have them right!

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Tyndl lets you create, store, and automatically updates your privacy documentation for each Law.

Create a Trail of Request Actions Taken

Consumer Requests

Consumer Requests (or Data Subject Requests) are perhaps the most well-known aspect of privacy compliance with a lot of attention on automated tools to delete information.

What many people do not know is that in addition to providing or deleting information, organizations must maintain accurate dated records of each request, initial response, formal response, and time extensions with related justifications. Tyndl works in tandem with the tools you may already have.

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Tyndl helps you manage requests by creating the documentation and the legal trail needed for each step taken.

Knowledge is Power

Consumer Privacy Law Information

Understanding the intricacies of the different privacy laws goes a long way toward your ability to create comprehensive policies and procedures. Whether you need to compare one law versus another law’s general overview, or dive into the details, Tyndl’s knowledge base can help you find what you need.

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One Platform – All Laws

Comprehensive Privacy Program Management

In addition to the four areas of a privacy program we’ve already covered, a complete and comprehensive program must include many other areas. These include data protection risk assessments, data protection impact assessments, business interest analysis, employee training, data event reporting, and more.

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Tyndl Allows Organizations of Any Size To Cohesively Manage All Areas Of Their Privacy Program From A Single Application.

Visual representation of tyndl’s privacy program management tools. Including: Data Mapping, third-party management, disclosures and documents, consumer requests, data protection risk assessments, data protection impact assessments, data event reporting, employee training, business interest analysis, financial incentive program management, guardian management, opt-out management, compliance project tracking, an audit log, and a knowledge base of all current privacy laws that will enable you to stay up to date.

Why Use Tyndl?

Ready to get started?

Using Tyndl is Easy

How It Works

Tyndl’s intelligent Privacy Platform works much like tax filing software but for privacy law. 

  1. Tyndl walks you through a series of specifically designed questions
  2. This information is used to create an overarching privacy program with a data map, customized policies, procedures, and all other documentation needed to manage a robust comprehensive privacy program
  3. Included is access to a privacy attorney to answer your questions, assist you toward compliance, and review the completed program
  4. Your documents are stored electronically and updated automatically. You print your documents on-demand when you need them
  5. Tools and reports help you manage your privacy program during creation, implementation, and far into the future
About Us

Tyndl’s Beginnings

Founded in 2020 and located in the silicon slopes area of Utah, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, legal consultants, and marketers have worked tirelessly to bring Tyndl to the forefront of privacy. 

The concept started as a desire to create affordable access to legal services for companies of all sizes. The result was a breakthrough in technology and professional services which empower in-house counsel and privacy teams to effectively create and manage their corporate privacy program with simplicity and ease.

Today Tyndl is becoming recognized as one of the leaders in the privacy legal tech space. Tyndl helps companies of all sizes create and manage comprehensive privacy programs.

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Rivest

Chief Operations Officer

Bob Awerkamp


Patrick Perkins


Jessica Rivest Awerkamp

Business Development

Rob Osborne