Consumer Privacy has become an Operational Necessity!

Privacy laws continue to evolve and new laws passed making compliance overwhelming and perplexing. Understanding the scope and breadth of what being compliant entails is like trying to hit a moving target at night.

Tyndl gives you tools and processes that are nimble, straightforward, and cost-effective. You’ll gain the knowhow and a clear path forward so you can handle compliance on your own. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Call to schedule your launch date
  • Have a project kick-off meeting with your Tyndl guide (the guide will be available to assist at any point of the process)
  • You’ll be sent access to the tools that help you project-manage the process
  • Login and complete privacy questions
  • Sections can be assigned to relevant departments
  • Built-in helps and suggestions make it quick, simple, and thorough
  • An in-depth and detailed data map has now been created (this is of utmost importance as it serves as the basis and foundation for nearly all other compliance steps)
  • Your legal documents are now generated and stored electronically for easy access and updates
  • Disclosures are created so they can be placed in required locations
  • Conduct assessments and analyses as needed
  • Create your policies and procedures using the information gathered thus far
  • Put appropriate agreements in place with vendors and partners
  • Respond to, track, and document all types of requests

The Core of your Living Privacy Program has been created. The next areas of compliance will be determined based on your unique vulnerabilities and needs.

  • Use the consumer privacy program analyzer tool to determine your most important next steps and help you project-manage each step
    1. Assess privacy risks. Know where you’re at, future steps, and the relative importance of each step 
    2. Prioritized a clear path of ongoing compliance efforts and initiatives
    3. Manage, track timelines, make assignments, and create talking points for future discussions 
  • Manage the ongoing day-to-day elements of your living consumer privacy program
  • Demonstrate your compliance efforts to investigators to mitigate risks as needed
    1. Provide essential documentation and disclosures specific to a particular law
    2. Present policies and procedures that comply
    3. Explain your current compliance status and your plan for ongoing efforts
  • Conduct Annual Reviews with minimal fuss and disruption
    1. Quickly review, update, and correct your data map, disclosures, documentation, and agreements