Overcome The Lack of
Consumer Privacy Expertise

Tyndl is a breakthrough in privacy compliance that dramatically reduces the time and cost of complying with the many consumer privacy laws. 

Just like tax software allows people to do their own taxes without hiring an outside professional, Tyndl allows you to create and manage your privacy compliance program without the need or expense of outside professionals. The privacy program you create is living, so it keeps pace with the dynamic and growing nature of consumer privacy laws.

Since 2019 Tyndl’s team has helped a wide variety of companies with consumer privacy compliance. Our experience working closely with attorneys and technical professionals has given us clear insights on how to efficiently and effectively facilitate your journey toward compliance.

Tyndl helps you overcome the hurdle of lack of consumer privacy expertise. It’s difficult for technical professionals to handle compliance due to the legal elements and input required. Likewise, it is difficult for legal professionals to take on such an expansive and ongoing operational challenge along with the technical elements and processes required. Regardless of who is assigned to handle consumer privacy compliance, the lack of resources and the ability to project-manage a dynamic living comprehensive privacy program have not existed, until now.

Some of the things Tyndl can help you with include:

  1. Privacy Data Map Tool 
    1. Create a detailed comprehensive map of the personally identifiable information (PII) collected, used, handled, disclosed, transferred, shared, or sold. Includes identifying and documenting:
      • the category and specific pieces of all PII related to Sales, Marketing, Products and Services, Human Resources, Finance, etc.
      • all sources of that PII, including any third parties
      • all uses of that PII, including the “business purposes” or “legal basis of processing”
      • all destinations of that PII.
        1. systems, applications, third parties, and service providers (e.g., web hosting or SaaS providers) where PII flows
        2. geo-location(s) of the PII for each
        3. retention period(s) for each
    2. An Internal Record of Processing (for your internal use), 
    3. An External Record of Processing (to share externally as required)
    4. Annual review process for the Privacy Data Map
  2. Privacy Knowledge Base – quick answers to help you understand and manage your privacy program
  3. Privacy Disclosures
    1. Privacy Disclosures/Notices – Compliant disclosures to provide to visitors, customers, and employees
    2. Annual updates to disclosures based on:
      • the annual updates to the Privacy Data Map
      • Metrics/Reporting on the prior year’s Consumer Requests
      • membership program analysis and disclosures (only required for organizations with membership/loyalty programs, or freemium or similar discount models)
  4. Data Processing Agreements (DPAs)
    1. Create appropriate DPAs (or language to use in existing agreements) for Third parties, contractors, or service providers:
      • that share PII with you
      • with whom you share PII
    2. Manage and keep current the ongoing list of agreements 
  5. Tools and documents to comply with consumer requests
    1. Record of Data Subjects’ Requests
    2. Record of Objections
    3. Complexity Analysis Form
    4. Deletion Attestation Form
    5. Deletion Denial Form 
    6. Other Essential Documents and Forms 
  6. Privacy Program Analysis – Management tool
    1. Track, analyze, and manage element of the privacy program
      • acts as an indicator of compliance
      • identify areas of compliance deficiency 
      • analyze and prioritize current and future compliance efforts to create a custom road map 
      • track progress on those projects with and estimated timeline and assignment of who is responsible
  7. Essential Privacy Forms, Documents, Processes
    1. Privacy Program Policies
    2. Privacy Policies exhibit list
    3. Privacy Program Procedures
    4. Privacy Consent Form
    5. Data Protection Risk and Impact Assessments
    6. Audit Log
    7. Period/Annual Review Log
    8. Other forms, documents, and process

Tyndl does all this and more. Contact us to get started or to learn more.